More Than Just Parks

Everyone experiences parks differently. Some enjoy the playgrounds and active places, while others enjoy being closer to nature and walking amongst the trees.

As an organization, we are also here to create and maintain these places that you love by planting, playing, and restoring our parks and trees with you. With all these different programs and different experiences, we wanted to update our brand to better reflect those experiences with something fun and flexible to fit all the great things that happen in our parks!

We hope you’ll join us in our ambitious goals, which harken back to the same bold vision that launched FGRP in the first place, to create the healthiest, most shade and park-equitable city in America. We’ll do this by adopting all 76 parks, restoring 600 acres of habitat, and planting 10,000 new trees. All of this, not just because we love our parks, but because we love our city and the people who live here and enjoy this place.

Friends may have a new look, but we will continue to create spaces for great parks and trees in our city to support our community’s health, resilience, and joy.