Skateboarding and Curbed Competition

Skateboarding @ Clemente DIY skate park

On July 15th we hosted our second Explore Your Parks event at Roberto Clemente DIY skate park. If you have not been to this skate park before, the park is primarily maintained by the skate community in Grand Rapids, and many of the ramps and trick builds are built by members of the community! We kicked off the day with an open skate of the new builds that were poured earlier that week by Premier skate shop, and a community skate workshop for folks who wanted to learn to skate!

Our series partner, GR Outside was there to give away skateboards, and live music played into the competition portion of our event. After the competition, local skate filmmakers premiered two new short videos on the lawn. Food and drinks were enjoyed, and DJ Soul Club played into the evening. Special thanks to Premier, Garage Bar, & GR Outside! If you have never skated before, give it a try at Roberto Clemente!

Photo credit:Grand Rapids Film and Media Incubator