What a great ArborFest 2023!

We planted 201 trees with 400 volunteers and over 1,200 hours of work at this year's event!

We’ve planted more than 30 different trees in the public right of way so far. Add in the different species we’ve given away and that number goes to 41 unique species of trees

The reason why planting so many different species is important is because it ensures that if any one tree gets sick or is exposed to a pest or pathogen, the likelihood of that pathogen or pest spreading is limited if the tree is surrounded by different species. This allows for single impacted trees to be dealt with vs. losing entire blocks of trees that happened during the twin crises of Dutch Elm Disease in the 70s and Emerald Ash Borer that decimated urban forests in Grand Rapids in the late 00s.

The diversity of species also provides more opportunities for healthy pollinators and healthy habitats for birds and other fauna.

Get ready to plant some trees!

We’re kicked off our spring tree planting season with ArborFest in partnership with the Mayor’s Greening Initiative.

Stay tuned for Arborfest 2024 information!

What is ArborFest and Mayor's Greening Initiative?

Each Spring and Fall, Friends and the Grand Rapids Forestry Department rally the community to plant trees! Our goal is to plant 10,000 new trees throughout the city as part of our goal to have a 40% tree canopy.  

Community and corporate volunteers come together to plant 300+ trees in a different neighborhood each year in an effort to achieve 40 percent tree canopy cover.

Interested in being a sponsor? Check out our sponsorship opportunities!

Thank You to Our Sponsors

Adventure Credit Union


Grand Rapids Community Foundation

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Grand Rapids Public Schools 

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