Dear Friends,

Thank you so much for attending and showing us how much you Love Your Parks on February 7! Everyone coming out and celebrating parks, trees, and trails with us left a buzz in the room I’m still feeling. We’re so charged to keep moving forward in creating the healthiest, happiest, most shade and park equitable City in America.

A huge thanks to all the people who made the event happen, to Padnos for underwriting the cost of the event, and for the generous time and openness of Rae, Dom, and Rachael. What a wonderful event!

We’re super close with all of your generosity to reach our stretch goal of $20,000 raised for the event. Reaching this goal will ensure we are able to start our park cleaning and tree planting season with a fully operational truck, trailer, and new tools for the season! I appreciate any level of support you can provide, rather that be by donating in the link below, or in the form of a check, which can be mailed to our offices at 720 Curve St SW Ste. B, Grand Rapids, MI 49503.

Love Your Parks 2023 | Fundraising Event

Love Your Parks is our annual fundraising event that celebrates park and tree wins of the past year. This year’s event will take place on Tuesday, February 7 at Clearwater Place. We’re also excited to share that we will host a fireside chat with Dom Mullins, one of the expedition members of Full Circle Everest, the first all-Black team to successfully summit Mt. Everest and Rae Lang, founder and artist at Woosah Outfitters in Grand Rapids that is committed to everyone thriving in the great outdoors.

Love Your Parks 2023 | Clearwater Place

Request your trees!

We love partnering with neighbors to bring their vision to life and plant more trees throughout our city.

If your neighborhood or group has a great location for free Green Your Block trees, we encourage you to submit a request!