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Neighborhood Forester

Neighborhood Forester

grow your knowledge

As more neighbors feel empowered to plant or care for trees, our community’s ability
to increase healthy tree canopy grows even stronger.

Free training about tree planting, maintenance, and identification is key to growth

Through the “Neighborhood Forester” program, we provide four free classes on these topics led by Friends’ trained urban forest staff and arborists.

Community members also have the opportunity to volunteer for a pruning and a planting event to put their knowledge to the test!

Overacheiver? We get it.

Become a Certified
Neighborhood Forester

Certified Neighborhood Foresters often become critical advocates for trees in our community, and leaders in efforts to grow and protect the canopy. Friends often calls on certified Neighborhood Foresters to provide leadership support for volunteer tree projects.

The Classes


Branching Out in Advocacy

Explore why trees and parks are important to our community, how our city government manages them, and how to advocate for them. 



Gain skills to recognize common tree species by observing differences and using a standard dichotomous indentification key.



Learn how to evaluate a planting site and choose a tree species that will thrive there. Then learn best practices to plant the tree!


Tree Pruning
& Maintenance

Get an introduction to pruning (time of year, tools, cut placement), as well as the watering, mulching and fertilization of young trees.

Want to take a class? They’re free and we offer two per month! Check our calendar and get started.


Have tree-related questions? Email us at!

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Adopt-a-Park volunteer Chazz spreading mulch at Garfield Park!

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